Female Mulberry Flower (Morus Plant)

When I was in my teenage years, I used to go to my garden. But before entering the garden, there was a mulberry tree on the roadside. I still remember now that before working in my garden, I used to climb on a mulberry tree to eat mulberries. When my stomach was full, I used to fill all my pockets with mulberries. This was the craze and taste of mulberries that attracted me to these trees.
There is a beautiful flower called the female mulberry flower that grows on mulberry trees. This flower is small in size, green in color, and turns white or black when mature. In this article, we will learn the important points and unique characteristics of this flower, which has amazing charm and beauty.

Understanding The Female Mulberry Flower

A hermaphrodite flower, or one with both male and female reproductive organs, is a female mulberry flower. It is a small flower that grows on mulberry trees. The stigma of the mulberry blossoms is white and is located at the top of the ovary. There is an ovary at the base of this flower, which contains the ovules. These ovules are the female reproductive cells of the flower.

female mulberry flower
female mulberry flower

What is a Female Mulberry Flower?

Female mulberry flowers are strange plants that are surprisingly bisexual. For common people, it isn’t easy to differentiate between a male and a female flower. Female mulberry flowers look like small bulbs that develop into berry-like phloems.

Note: You can get the help of an expert to differentiate between a male and a female flower.
Meaning of Mulberry flower
The mulberry flower is a symbol of wisdom, adaptability, and abundance. It is also believed that the mulberry flower is associated with femininity, creativity, and new beginnings.

Habitat of Female And Male Mulberry Trees

We can find female and male mulberry trees all over the world. But mostly they are found in North America, central Africa, and some parts of Asia. A temperate climate and varied soil are best for cultivating mulberry trees. You can try to grow your mulberry trees in your garden. But this type of cultivation requires a lot of care and attention.

Male vs Female Mulberry Tree

Differentiating between a male and a female mulberry flower is a very difficult task. But if you are continuously dealing with these trees, you can easily differentiate which one is male and which is female. Otherwise, you have to ask for experts.

Here, we will try our best to make you able to differentiate between a male and a female flower.
All mulberry flowers are small and lack petals. Male flowers are produced in catkins, while female flowers are clustered together in heads. Male flowers have four stamens, and each stamen bears another that produces pollen.
While female flowers have only two stigmas that receive pollen, when pollen lands on a stigma, it grows down a tube called the style and into the ovary, where it fertilizes an egg cell. The fertilized egg cell goes through a process of development and ultimately transforms into a seed.

female mulberry flower

How Long do Male Mulberry Trees live?

The life span of a mulberry tree is dependent on many factors. Its life is dependent on the type of tree, climate, and care for the tree. A normal mulberry tree can live for 30 to 40 years. However, some types of mulberry trees live for over 100 years.

When Do Mulberry Trees Produce Fruit?

The fruit season of mulberry trees varies from region to region and depends on species and climate. Normally, mulberry tree fruits are available at the beginning of summer (from June to September). However, some types of trees give fruit in early May or late September.
The fruits of the mulberry tree are tasty and sour. Harvest these fruits on a sunny day. They are rich in nutrients and beneficial for our health.

White mulberry (Morus alba)          June-July
Black mulberry (Morus nigra)          July–August
Russian mulberry (Morus rubra)     May-June
Dwarf mulberry (Morus dwarf):     July–August

When Does Black Mulberry Flower?

The flowering time of black mulberry flowers can vary from region to region. But in general, the flowering time of black mulberry flowers is late spring or early summer. Its flowering period is short, lasting for 2 to 3 weeks. The trees bloom at this time of year in small, clustered greenish-white blooms. Though not very spectacular, these flowers are essential to the process of making fruit.

Varieties of Mulberry Trees

Mulberry trees have several varieties. The popular varieties are red, white, and black mulberries. Among these, white mulberry is more tasty and sweet. When you eat white mulberry, you will feel a milky taste. Red and black mulberries are also sweet but a little bit sour.

The Importance of Female Mulberry Flowers in Fruit Production

Female mulberry blossoms play a crucial role in the production of fruits. Without female mulberry flowers, it is not possible to provide succulent fruits for a mulberry tree. These blooms act as receptors for pollen transmission and start the process of fruit formation. They get pollen, which causes fertilization and the growth of fruit.

female mulberry flower

Uses And Benefits of Female Mulberry Flowers

Mulberry flowers have several health benefits. People use mulberry flowers to treat diseases like heart disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and other infectious diseases. These flowers are antimicrobial, antidiabetic, cardioprotective, and neuroprotective. We use these flowers in several forms, like dried flowers, teas, and extracts.

The Importance of Mulberry Trees in Silk Manufacturing

It is a known fact that silk production is highly dependent on mulberry trees. The mulberry tree plays a significant role in silk production. The leaves of the mulberry tree are the best source of nutrition for silkworms. Its leaves are rich in proteins and vitamins that are essential for the best silk production.
During its life cycle, a silkworm can devour up to 30,000 times its body weight in mulberry leaves. This significant consumption emphasizes the significance of mulberry cultivation.


In conclusion, we can say that the female mulberry flower plays a crucial role in the production of mulberry fruits. Mulberry trees also play a vital role in silk production. It is our responsibility now to boost the silk industry by taking care of these mulberry trees.


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