Gloria Flower: Origin, Meaning And Cultural Significane

About how many of flowers do you know and how much of them you have seen; very little; I guess. You know, the world is embroidered by floral diversity. To your surprise, the earth host more than 400,000 flower types.

Since civilizations the flowers have symbolizing emotions and concepts. Among this wide range of flowers there exists a flower named as Gloria flower. In the write-up you will get to know about the said flower, its origin, cultural symbolism, emotional connect and its basic morphological features; along to that the set of conditions required for its sound cultivation.

Gloria flower

Gloria Flower Origin:

The Gloria flower traces its origin from a family “colchicaceae” and is endemic to the tropical regions of Africa and Asia. The name finds its roots in the Latin word “gloriosus” meaning “glorious”, it withstands with its name truly.

Some facts ………..
Binomial name:  Gloriosa superb
Common names: Family Lily, Climbing Lily, Creeping Lily, Glory Lily, Tiger claw and Fire Lily.
Endemic to: Tropical regions of Africa and Asia And some parts of Oceania. 
Flowering season:  Summer to fall
Colors:  Red, Yellow all Red or Yellow
Soil type Required: Fertile  
Connects: Honor, Pride, Luck and Appreciation. 

How the Gloria Flower Look like:

The Gloria flower is unique in its show and vibrancy, featured with vertical flame shaped red, orange or yellow petals which make it eye catching. These characteristics of Gloria flower make its use in several artistic exhibitions and cultural festive.

What Does the Gloria Flower Symbolize?

The Gloria flower is well known for its cultural importance over its endemic areas and is connected with diverse bonds and traditions. The Gloria flower is said to be connected with:

Symbol of Pride and Honor:

In some parts of Africa and Asia the Gloria flower is considered as a symbol of pride, honor and beauty. According to the historical extract in 1940 the then princess Elizabeth was gifted a jeweled brooch that look like Gloria flower, on her visit to Zimbabwe and on her father’s death the princess wore that brooch in an official ceremony. Hence from then it is considered as symbol of honor.

Symbol of Beauty:

since the flowers are very attractive naturally and are peace generating, thereby engaging the people with them. out of thousands of flowers it is really difficult to choose the one but here we can make choice of Gloria flower as a symbolic of beauty because of its vibrant looks.

Spiritual significance:

The Gloria flower is considered connected to spirituality and is believed that is symbolizes the purity, renewal and divine. Therefore are used in the religious gatherings. To support the argument it is been seen in India the Hindus used theses flowers in the religious ceremonies as they offered these to the deities during religious festive.

Symbol of love and Passion:

If we believe to the Victorian language of flowers then it is to be submitted that the Gloria flower represents the love and passion and is sufficient to express the intense feeling and romanticism.

gloria flower

Medicinal Uses of Gloria Flower:

Other than the cultural connects of the flower the Gloria flower has medicinal use as well, the flower is used by various communities to treat various conditions. The flower is powered by good healing properties. It should be noted that the extracts of flower are toxic and should be used with caution.

Cultivation of Gloria Flower:

The Gloria flower needs warm and moist conditions; it can grow in full sun or partial sun. It should be noted here that this plant is very hardy and cannot survive the drought.

Should Gloria Flowers be given as gifts:

Yes, it is very good idea to gift the flower Gloria to the one you love it can be a good choice to gift at times of weeding, anniversaries ,birthday’s, valentine days etc. It is best suggested that gift the Gloria flower to your valentine celebrated on 14th February every year. As we now know that the Gloria flower is symbolic of love, honor, beauty, pride etc. Therefore gifting the Gloria bloom may express your feeling like the honor you give to your beloved.

gloria flower

Essential Tips To Know Before Cultivating flower Gloria:

It can be grown both in containers and in open soil. Where to cultivate the flower depends upon the location you reside if you are resident to the area which has climate warm and moist then you can grow the plant in open field. On the other hand if you are living in the area of cold then you should plant the flower plant in the container so that in the times of harsh weather you can take the plant indoors.

Following tips will help in the good growth of flower:

  • Make sure the soil is well drained.
  • Water on regular basis but let the soil to dry between watering.
  • Fertilizer may be applied if the soil is not fertile but avoid over fertilization.
  • The flower Gloria is the climber so use the stacks for the support of plant.
  • Keep an eye on the plant if found any disease use pesticides organic pest control methods are suggested.


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The Gloria flower with its exuberant looks and immense cultural connects had attracted the hearts of infinite people around the world, there are various reasons that people get attracted towards the said flower, may it be because of symbolism attached to it or may it be by its elegant beauty or may it be due to its medicinal value or else …the flower Gloria is very rich traits. The Gloria bloom should be taken by care in its cultivation and should be appreciated.
Next when you think of enhancing the floral diversity of your garden take the buds of flower Gloria and plant them in your garden. In future if you come across the Gloria bloom take a pause and cherish the beauty of the flower and remember the facts of the flower.





















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