Guyana National Flower: The Giant Water Lily (Update 2024)

In the world of flowers, we have heard about various types of flowers. We know them by their unique characteristics, meanings, and cultural significance. Due to their rich cultural significance and unique characteristics, several countries have designated their native flowers as their national flowers. Similarly, Guyana national flower is the giant water lily. It is the native flower of Guyana. Let us explore this flower in the below article.

guyana national flower
What is Guyana National Flower

The national flower of Guyana is the enormous water lily. The scientific name of this flower is Amazonica victoria. It is also called Victoria Regia lily. This flower is the second-largest flower in the lily family. Its leaves can grow up to 6–10 feet in diameter, and its flowers are also large and white. The giant water lily is native to South America (Brazil and Guyana). It is an aquatic plant and is mainly found in ponds, lakes, and Amazon basins, or areas where the flow of water is very slow. The Victoria Regia lily is a symbol of beauty, resilience, and strength.

Guyana National Flower History

In 1837, German botanist Robert Schomburgk identified the Victoria Regia for the first time during his exploration of the region in the Essequibo River in British Guyana. The plant was named after Queen Victoria of England. The plant is famous for its circular leaves, which are up to 3 meters in diameter. It is one of the largest aquatic plants in the world. Victoria Regia became the symbol of Guyana quickly, earning a prominent place on the nation’s coat of arms following its independence in 1966.
Victoria Regia plays an important role in Guyana’s culture and heritage. It is considered a symbol of beauty, resilience, and national pride.

 National Flower of Guyana: the Giant Water Lily


What is a Giant Water Lily?

The Giant water lily popular names are Victoria Amazonica or Victoria Regia. It is an aquatic plant famous for its large leaves and bright white flowers. Its leaves are so robust and large that they may support a small child’s weight while floating on the water’s surface. It is available in several hues, including pink, yellow, and white.
This flower’s ability to blossom at night and stay closed throughout the day is what makes it noteworthy. It is also the source of food for various species.

guyana national flower

The significance of National flower of Guyana


The Guyana water lily has great significance and importance in Guyana’s culture in several ways.

  1. Cultural Significance: The giant water lily has rich importance in the culture of Guyana. The presence of a giant water lily in the country’s court of arms increases its significance as the country’s national emblem.
  2. Ecological importance: The water lily is an important component of the Guyana ecosystem. Its broad leaves provide shelter for various species. The broad leaves also increase the photosynthesis process of the plant. The reproduction process of several plants also depends on the pollination process. The giant water lily can attract pollinators, which ensures the reproduction of other plants.
  3. Economic value: The eye-catching beauty and unique characteristics have increased the economic value of this flower. Thousands of tourists visit the places where Giant water lilies are found.
  4. Connection to the Amazon rainforest: The Victoria Amazonica is closely linked to the Amazon River, which flows through Guyana, strengthening the country’s connection to the vast Amazon rainforest. This rainforest is globally recognized as a crucial and diverse ecosystem, holding immense importance. By selecting the Victoria Amazonica as its national flower, Guyana demonstrates its understanding of the broader Amazonian environment and acknowledges its role within this ecologically vital region.

How to Grow Giant Water Lilies

Growing giant water lilies requires proper attention and a suitable environment to grow in good condition. Follow the below steps for the proper growth of flowers in Guyana.

  1. Water source: Since it is an aquatic plant and can grow in warm water, it can be grown where the depth of the water or container is 3 feet. It also requires a temperature of 70 °F or above 20 °C to grow properly. If the temperature drops below 20 °C, the plant stops growing.
  2. Light: We know the giant water lily has broad leaves. The photosynthesis process is aided by the leaves. Proper photosynthesis can take place in direct sunlight. This plant requires the sunlight of 6 – 7 hours to thrive well.
  3. Fertilization: Proper fertilization of the plant is essential for its good growth. Use various fertilizers to speed up the growth of plants.
  4. Water management: The giant water lily requires a depth of water up to 3 feet. So ensure proper water management before growing this plant.
  5. Winter protection: The giant water lily requires a hot temperature. It can stop its growth if the temperature decreases below 8 °C. Minus temperature will frost the plant. so the proper temperature should be provided to the plant if you are growing it indoors. One of the important points is that Giant water lilies grow on plenty of surfaces. Its leaves are big and can float on water surfaces, so proper space should be maintained between the two plants.

guyana national flower

How are Giant Water Lilies Beneficial

The Guyanese flower is one of the most important plants, having several uses. It is used for ornamental purposes by the people of Guyana. It serves as a food source and a habitat for several aquatic species. The Giant water lily of Guyana has also been used as traditional medicine for years. Its leaves have been utilized to address various conditions, such as injuries, skin issues, and gastrointestinal issues. It is all about how are Giant water lilies beneficial.

Where To See Giant Water Lilies

You can see the flower in various places, like the Amazon River Basin, Kew Gardens in London, Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, and the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx (NYBG).

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Conclusion: Guyana National Flower

In conclusion, the Guyana national flower is an amazing flower that has rich culture and symbolism. Its unique features have developed a curiosity in you to see this flower. Let’s visit the places where you can see this flower and enjoy the beauty and fragrance of giant water lilies.

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